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I Wanna Play Music and Football: A Riverdale Screening/Critique

May 15, 2017 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Is Riverdale your Netflix flavor of the month? Your guilty pleasure? The best thing you’ve ever watched? Do you hate/love it? Do you think the screenwriters use a weird amount of alliteration? Do you think that gritty TV is tired? Do you think the show centers boring + toxic masculinities in harmful and frustrating ways? We wanna hear about it!

Come watch an episode of Riverdale/ eat snacks/ meet new pals/ laugh/ roll your eyes into the high heavens where **spoiler alert** Jason Blossom is.

The screening will be followed by a moderated group discussion that will unpack themes such as:
-Commodification + depoliticization of feminism
-Exotification, fetishization, and devaluing of BIPOC femmes and BIPOC femme brilliance
-Anti Black racism and white supremacy of Riverdale High
-Sneaky misogyny disguised as softness and “bromance”
-Archie Blandrew’s boring, white, entitled masculinity
-Girl-next-door/ party girl dichotomy
-Sexualizing and misrepresentation of mental health
-Queer baiting
-Erasure of asexuality
-Upper-middleclass gaze on deep & violent class divides

***This event is a PWYC-5$ to fundraise for the The Khyber Centre for the Arts***

Access Notes:
The main entrance to the space is up 2-steps from the sidewalk on Hollis St., however there is the mall entrance further down the block outside on the same street is open during the day until 6PM and can be used for ground level entry. There is not a button to press on the door for it to open automatically but there will be signage available and a volunteer stationed there to open the door if needed from 7:15-7:45. There is an all genders wheelchair accessible washroom (1 toilet – down the hall and to the right) and gender neutral washroom stalls (3 toilets 1 urinal – up a set of 10 stairs and to the left).

Subtitles on screen. Event is PWYC and snacks will be provided. Childcare available upon request!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: volunteer@southhousehalifax.ca