All levied full and part-time Dalhousie University and University of King’s College students are members of the South House. Any person from the community who is not a full or part-time Dalhousie or King’s student who wishes to become a member may do so by paying an annual membership fee, although this fee may be waived at the Board’s discretion to provide financial accessibility to people who cannot afford the membership fee.

Terms of membership are outlined in our constitution, which can be found under the important documents tab.

In April of each year the South House holds a general meeting where members can vote on motions to amend the by-laws and policies of the centre and voice their opinions. Information regarding general meetings is advertised using posters, our social media pages and to those on our listserv (members can join our listserv by filling out the form on the home page of this website).

Membership Opt-Out Policy

Consistent with the South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre’s commitment to transparency, we hold 3 opt-out periods per academic year, one for each semester, where fee-paying members can have their levy money refunded. The opt-out days will be the last business day of September, January, or May.

Anyone choosing to opt-out of the South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre forfeits their rights and privileges of the organization and will no longer be able to access South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre services. This includes resources and supplies offered free for members.

To opt out of the levy fee, you must come in person to the center and complete a Levy Opt-Out form. Please bring your DalCard/King’s Card with you to the opt-out location.

Information about opt-outs periods will be posted via infographic at the South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre, as well as be included in the DSU and Kings listserv newsletters at the beginning of each semester.