Our Board of Directors

We recently elected a new Board of Directors! Please stay tuned while we tell you all about them 🙂


Our Staff



                Carmella Farahbakhsh

                Administrative and Volunteer Coordinator


Carmella Farahbakhsh has been working at South House since October 2014. As the Admin/Volunteer Coordinator, Carmella’s responsibilities include maintaining physical and digital records, and keeping track of day-to-day financial transactions, preparing audits for the Dalhousie Student Union with the Board Treasurer, recruiting volunteers and coordinating initial and ongoing volunteer training, planning collaborative projects and education that speaks to South House’s mandate in partnership with their coworker. They’re the one to get in touch with if you want to become a volunteer or have any questions about the center!

Outside of the South House, Carmella also has a rewarding position at Venus Envy. Carmella is very passionate about shame free sex education with a focus on affiriming gender(s) and desirability politics. They also collaborate to hold space with grassroots initiatives with an aim to create wider QTPOC community and support systems within Halifax.

You can reach them at volunteer@southhousehalifax.ca.

           Rebecca Stuckey

           Outreach and Education Coordinator


Originally from small town Newfoundland, Rebecca moved to St John’s 7 years ago where she attended Memorial University and studied Political Science. Rebecca then went on to complete a Masters in Post Secondary Education. While studying at Memorial, Rebecca was very involved in both the undergrad and graduate students unions during her studies. Rebecca is very passionate about indigenous issues and is continuing to learn about her own culture while pushing back against the colonialism in Universities and society.

As the Outreach Coordinator, Rebecca’s responsibilities include maintaining a social networking presence for the centre, interacting with the media, planning and coordinating the year’s events and campaigns, facilitating educational anti-oppression workshops, and building solidarity between the Soho and other community organizations.

Outside of academia, Rebecca enjoys playing roller derby, spending time with dogs and engaging in many board games.

You can reach Rebecca at outreach@southhousehalifax.ca.