South House is Hiring!

Job Description “Outreach Coordinator” @ South House


Applications Due: 5pm ADT on Friday, July 20, 2018


Please send resume and cover letter (or other application format – see below) to with “Outreach Coordinator” in the subject line.


Interviews: Will take place July 29th daytime  or July 30/31st after 6pm at South House or via Google Hangout

Start Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2018


The South House welcomes and prioritizes the contributions that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our organization. We encourage applicants to describe the ways in which their lived experiences will inspire and lead their contributions to their role at South House in their cover letter. We recognize that writing a cover letter is not always accessible so we will also consider applicants that communicate these experiences through other media. Examples of this would be links to creative writing, a blog, video blogs, visual art, a non “formal” letter or email.

Please send resume and cover letter/application to with “Outreach Coordinator” in the subject line to apply.

Please email for any access needs or questions you may have.


About South House:

The South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre, formerly the Dalhousie Women’s Centre, was founded in recognition of women’s common and diverse needs. South House recognizes that you cannot work for a society free of sexism and patriarchy without also working for a society free of all forms of oppression. Therefore, the South House supports women and all people dealing with oppression on the basis of sexuality and gender.

The South House is a student-funded, volunteer-driven resource centre that seeks to address and advocate for anti-oppression issues within a feminist framework. The South House consciously recognizes that struggles against all forms of oppression are feminist issues. We are first and foremost a resource centre which provides resources and support for students, faculty, staff, and community members on such issues.

South House aims to provide resources and referrals to the University and broader Halifax community, as well as a safe space for people to organize. It also offers free meeting space to anti-oppression groups at the discretion of the Board. We also offer a wide range of workshops and educational programs, available upon request.



The South House is located  at 1443 Seymour Street on Dalhousie Campus. We are around the side entrance, accessible by ramp, underneath the Dalhousie Faculty Association. Please contact us at if you have any accessibility needs or questions.


Job Description

The Outreach Coordinator primarily works in collaboration with the Administrative and Volunteer Coordinator, and additionally works alongside the South House Board of Directors and volunteers, to fulfill the mandate of South House and to maintain daily centre operations.

Main Responsibilities:


  • Liaise with the South House Board (particularly with the chair and staff relations officer) regarding media communications on a provincial, local and campus level. This may include writing press releases, commenting on current issues and events, publicizing the goals of South House. This requires regular maintenance of the Facebook page, twitter account, and newsletter as necessary.
  • Update the South House mailing list, bulletin boards, and website as needed.
  • Coordinate the creation and distribution of specialty communication (e.g. letters of support or protest, petitions, thank you cards, etc.)
  • Ensure that all materials released by the Centre are in line with the current constitution and mandate of South House

Event Coordination

  • Promote and advertise South House events within the University and the broader community.
  • Respond to requests for training and programming from groups on campus and in the community, with a priority given to campus organizations and campaigns
  • Design, implement, and promote various workshops pertaining to issues of anti oppression and gender and sexual justice.
  • Evaluate the need for training or programming groups outside the centre and spearhead the creation of those events

Collaboration and Outreach

  • Communicate with groups that have working relationships with the South House regarding current and upcoming events
  • Communicate and build coalitions between the South House and other groups involved in anti-oppressive feminist advocacy work
  • Identify new campaigns that the South House could be involved with
  • Creation of workshops and educational sessions and facilitating these for various size groups


Shared Responsibilities with Administrative and Volunteer Coordinator

  • With the Volunteer Coordinator, and with input and guidance from the Board, plan and coordinate the year’s events, workshops, and campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to: start of term events on campus, responses to campus and community issues, and events on campus and in the community relating to feminism, gender justice, reproductive justice, and LGBTQA+ issues and identities.
  • Ensure that resources and materials available in the Centre are up to date and relevant to the needs of the community
  • Maintain open hours of the center (Monday through ­Friday, 10 am – 4 pm during school year, with reduced hours during the summer months) by coordinating with the other staff member. Supplementary hours can be held as needed by South House board members and volunteers
  • Perform basic maintenance for the centre (cleaning, dishes, answering phone calls and voice mails)
  • Attend board meetings as needed and report to the board on activities; liaise with Staff Board Relations Officer on weekly basis
  • Define and coordinate advocacy work at the South House, ensuring that it is in line with the constitution, as well as the capacity of the centre
  • Liaise with the DSU, KSU and university staff and administration as necessary
  • Keep community and campus referrals as well as resource lists up-to-date


  • Knowledge of and experience with facilitation and public education is necessary
  • Knowledge of and experience with creating outreach and educational material
  • Experience with networking and working collaboratively with campus and community groups
  • Fluent in English with excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficiency and experience with Microsoft Word and Excel and Google Docs
  • Commitment to working cooperatively in a community-based setting as part of a team of staff, board and volunteers
  • Demonstrated commitment to equity principles and goals. Experience in anti-oppressive settings is an asset.
  • Experience in creating workshops and facilitating groups
  • Available to work some evening and weekend hours
  • Assets: graphic design skills, translation skills, multilingualism, experience working with board-run organisations, understanding of South House’s mandate

* This position provides educational, personal and administrative support to those who access the centre. Often people who come to the centre disclose grievances/experiences of trauma to staff or volunteers. Recognizing this emotional labour, the Board (in particular, the HR Committee) is available to debrief with staff whenever needed.


Hours of work:  Monday to Friday, 40 hours per week, approximately 30 of which should be spent in the South House (depending on the tasks at hand).


Rate of pay: $20/hour (before taxes), on a salaried monthly payment schedule.

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