It’s Pride Week at Dalhousie!

~*~*~*It’s Pride Week at Dalhousie!~*~*~*~

Join us tomorrow (Thursday July 21s)
In the Fountain School of Performing Arts auditorium

Tomorrow night we will be screening the film Carol, a 2015 film based on the groundbreaking novel “The Price of Salt” by Patricia Highsmith. The screenplay is written by Phyllis Nagy and the film is directed by Todd Haynes. The film explores the relationship between two women attempting to navigate their developing romance during 1952.

This movie is a decadent display of queer ‪#femme4femme‬ love that depicts the complexities of intersecting power dynamics including: class divides, heteromonogamy, femmephobia, lesbophobia, and the good mother/bad mother dichotomy that characterized a post WW2 America.

This film is an absolutely beautiful bittersweet love song that is unique in its tenderness and melancholy. Shot on Super 16mm film, the film looks like 1952. The colours, costuming, set design and over mise-en-scene make the subject matter all the more real.

The MacAloney room is accessible; there is an elevator to the 4th floor and wheelchairs can be accommodated in the front row.

Free, everybody welcome, discussion to follow <3

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