2016 DSU Election Endorsements!

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

As a gender justice center, South House prioritizes the voices of women and trans people in recognition that the cis-centric, male-centric, and binarist history of Dalhousie and the DSU does not encompass the galaxy of gender identities and positionings.

We work actively to resist the historic institutional whiteness and coloniality of Dalhousie University and the violence that surrounds that history. As such, we seek to prioritize and amplify the voices and experiences of people of colour, Indigenous people, and international students.

In our choices, we took into consideration various social positions in the matrix of the Dalhousie community. These included, but were not limited to, people from the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, parents, mature students, ESL students, and students from diverse class, religious, and cultural backgrounds.

We stand in solidarity with those not represented by the positions at the DSU and also recognize that Indigenous methodology is not taken into consideration in the DSU process.

We are committed to learning about the oppressive hierarchies and histories that built this institution. We are continually committed to self-reflection and self-analysis, and we try to actively work against the systems that oppress us and others at Dalhousie. This work is ongoing and we are in it together.


Only candidates who submitted questionnaire responses were considered. A committee from the South House Board of Executives came to a consensus for each endorsement while considering the above mandates and the following content:

  • Commitment to gender justice
  • Commitment to prioritizing students of colour and int students
  • Position on student fees and financial accessibility
  • Work with levied societies
  • Commitment to anti-oppressive principles

South House endorses the following candidates:

  • Kathleen Reid (President)
  • Rhiannon Makohoniuk (Vice President Internal)
  • Mahbubur Rahman (Vice President Financial and Operations)
  • Amina Abawajy (Vice President External)
  • Kelsey Keddy (Vice President Student Life)
  • Masuma Asad Khan(Board of Governors Rep)

To view the candidate’s responses, see here.

Any questions or feedback about our process or decision can be directed towards board@southhousehalifax.ca. Thanks so much!

The Board of Directors of the South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre

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