Trans Day of Remembrance November 20th 2015

Call-Out for speakers, artists, story-tellers, and resistors for this year’s Trans Day of Remembrance

The Trans Day of Remembrance is a day to memorialize Two Spirit people, Transgender people, gender-nonconforming people who have been murdered as a result of transphobic colonialist, racist, misogynistic hatred. This is a day that we come together to grieve, rage, and mourn the lives that have been stolen by systemic violence, but also to come together to build up our resiliency, power, vibrancy, and strength. On this day we honor all the ways that we as Two Spirit people, Transgender people, gender-nonconforming people resist state surveillance, police brutality, normalized daily discrimination, and mass historical erasure.

This year, we hope to create a space to mourn as well as a space for our stories of survival under oppression to be told. We aim to bring people together in community and share personal narratives of our grief, as well as stories of our resilience.

In the spirit of community-building, this year’s organizing efforts will be a collaborative process that seeks to prioritize the voices of Two Spirit people, trans people of colour, trans women and trans feminine people, non-binary people, trans youth, trans/Two Spirit/non-binary elders, poor folks, sex-working folks, folks with disabilities. We invite all forms of story-telling and memorialization, so we are calling all artists, poets, speakers, and trans folk who want to share their stories and the stories of their communities.We will remember their names.

We will say them out loud. Our collective presence will resonate.

Please contact:

Love and rage,
Carmella and Jude

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