Fall Bursary Round Now Accepting Applications

South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre

Bursary Application: FALL 2015

Applications are due by Friday October 9th 2015. Please submit by emailing the information requested to outreach@southhousehalifax.ca or dropping your form off to us in person at 1443 Seymour Street, Halifax, NS B3H 3M6

The South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre, formerly the Dalhousie Women’s Centre, was founded in recognition of women and trans people’s common and diverse needs. The South House recognizes that you cannot work for a society free of sexism and patriarchy without also working for a society free of all forms of oppression. The South House supports women and all people dealing with oppression on the basis of sexuality and gender. South House believes in working together for the creation of a society that is vibrant and safe for people of all genders.

The Board of Directors of the South House recognizes a need for monetary support in the communities we serve. Therefore, the centre provides bursaries each year.

The funds available in each category will be distributed according to identified need. Bursaries are given out in sums between $25 and $250. Available funds are split between applicants. Therefore, while we try to meet everyone’s needs, it is possible that you will receive less than asked.




Mailing Address: __________________________________________



Phone Number: __________________________________

Email (if applicable): ______________________________

Are you a:

___ self-identified LGBTQIA2 person in need

___ International student in need

___ self-identified single parent in need
___in need of emergency funds

Which bursary would best suit your needs? (e.g.: $25, $75, $100, etc.)



Tell us a bit about yourself?

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