We’ve moved!

South House has moved! Our new location is 1443 Seymour Street (side entrance, underneath the Dalhousie Faculty Association).

The centre is open between 10-2pm until August 15th, and then back to our regular 9-5pm hours after the 15th! While the new space is not physically accessible yet, it will be by the Fall when a ramp will be installed and the washroom adapted to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility needs. We look forward to receiving final confirmation details from Dalhousie on this. Drop by to see the new space if you can!

Our New Address:
1443 Seymour street
Halifax, NS
B3H 3M6

Our phone number and email addresses remain the same!

Information about our upcoming re-opening party and other September plans will be coming soon. In the meantime, please forward this message to your contacts, and if possible, hang one of our snazzy posters up at your office/centre/residence window (see attached).

Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing you soon.



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