Voting starts tomorrow!! DSU 2015 Elections

Dear Dalhousie students,

As today is the last official day that candidates and questions can actively campaign, we are sending this message out to remind y’all that voting starts Saturday, March 21 at 12:01am and closes on Tuesday, March 24 at 11:59pm.

As you’re preparing to cast your votes this weekend, we implore you to consider the following:

1. Being a woman in politics is extremely difficult. From the blatant sexism that people pretend is not an issue anymore, to more hidden and insidious forms of sexism that is normalized by our current political climate. There are many factors that are working against candidates who are marginalized by this racist sexist transphobic and homophobic culture, so we encourage folks to keep that in mind as they cast they cast their ballots this weekend.

2. By the same token, we wish to encourage you to trust your own feminism, because you know what is best for you and your community, so please think about voting for folks that represent you and want to actively work towards equity on campus. Please vote for campaigns and candidates who will do their best to amplify the voices of marginalized students who are often not seen or heard within student politics or within our union.

3. As students we are powerful. We have power together and power to hold each other up. When we unite we can change our campus, our policies, and curriculum. We can radicalize our university climate. We know that feminist issues are student issues that intersect with our complex and multi faceted identities. With this in mind, note that South House recognizes this and attempts to create spaces of safety and trust on campus and throughout the HRM, as we recognize that your lives extend beyond this campus and are informed by your lived experience. It is critical that South House exists as a space to educate, organize, and organize. Your place is in your student’s union. Your voice needs to be heard.

We hope you all practice some quality self-care as your exercise your democratic student rights this weekend. We have done our best to report on this election season through a feminist lens with student’s safety in mind. Please refer to our website at, or our social media pages:
Twitter: @southhousehali
Facebook: South House page
Our official hashtags have been #VoteYes4Soho, #Soho4Ever #DontDefundSoho


Campaigning closes at 8pm tonight. #DSUVotes
Vote at or (starting 12:01am Saturday and closing on Tuesday, March 24 at 11:59pm)

In love and solidarity,
Team Soho

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