Official South House Candidate Endorsements!

We would like to thank everyone who took the time out of this stressful week of campaigning to answer South House’s questionnaire on gender and sexual justice! We strongly appreciate the people who answered our questions and acknowledge that some of them expressed interest in learning more about sexual and gender justice, which is great!

Based on the responses we would like to formally endorse some of the candidates for their respective positions. The decision to endorse candidates was solely based on their answers to our questionnaire. This does not necessarily reflect their abilities to fulfill the duties thatcome with their position. However, all of them are voting on council, which means that their perspectives on gender and sexual justice issues carry weight.

 The following candidates have been officially endorsed by the Board of Directors of South House. We have included our favourite quote from their answers!

 Jenn Nowolselski for President

“One way to do this [to ensure that people of all genders are represented in decision making processes at the DSU] is to make sure all of council, the decision making body of the DSU, goes through a comprehensive anti-oppression training and has the opportunity to challenge our tendency to speak and think, in binaries.  This is the first step.  Secondly, it would be a good idea to change the South House council rep position from ‘Women’s Community Rep’, to a more gender inclusive position. ”

Ali Calladine for VP Student Life

“It is crucial that we continue to fight, not just the patriarchy, but the white supremacist cis-hetero-patriarchy as a whole.”

John Hutton for VP Academic & External

“[..] feminism is the decision to love ourselves and others regardless of shapes. Being an ally, which is a label only others can give to me, means that I am not at the centre of the issue, and it is my job to provide support from the sidelines, listen, and help out how I am asked to help out through regular check-ins. And it means educating myself and others like me with privilege, so that those most oppressed by gender inequality don’t have to.”

Yazan Matarieh for Board of Governers Representative

“This effort [the realization that that all social justice efforts are interconnected] has engrained within me the belief that struggles against dehumanization and marginalization must be intersectional. ”

Jad Sinno for Senate Representative

“I like to think of feminism as a way of thinking. Someone can be a feminist whether or not someone is actively participating to furthering larger reforms.  That is, simply accepting your peers, welcoming and cherishing them for who they are, makes someone a feminist. ”

Jer Banks for Senate Representative

“The issue of fossil fuel divestment is part of a holistic shift that attempts to address a very specific part of the larger patriarchal system we live in, and a system that prioritizes the values of the few – often male and already powerful voices, while devaluing voices of dissent.”

The following is a complete list of everybody who responded – thank you!

President – Jennifer Nowolselski

VP Student Life – Ali Callidine, Kathleen Reid, Hani Salem

VP Academic & External – John Hutton

VP Internal – Kaitlynne Lowe

VP Finance – Mahbubur Rahman

Senate – Jeremy Banks, Jad Sinno , Sarah Dobson, Liam Hunt

Board of Governers Representative – Yazan Matarieh

Alternatively, we are disappointed with the candidates who could not find the time to answer these questions.  While there may be many reasons for this, it ultimately paints a picture of a lack of support for issues of sexual and gender justice.

The people who failed to respond are:

President – Dan Nicholson

VP Academic & External – Cody Couture

Senate – Ademofe Oye-Adeniran, Ahmet Emre Harsa, Scott Rairdan

Board of Governers Representative – Anthony Sailkali

Please remember to vote YES for South House, the above candidates, and Dal Out starting March 21st! Thank you!!

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