South House Candidate Questionnaires for the 2015 DSU Election Season


The South House is the voice of students on campus for sexual and gender justice. Because of this, we think it is important to advocate for these issues and to seek clarification from candidates running in the 2015 DSU Elections on a number of topics that are outlined within the following questions.

We ask that Candidates send us their answers before Monday, March 16th at noon in order for us to review them based on their gender and sexual justice perspectives. We will be sharing their answers and our feedback with students.


  1. What do you believe is at the heart of sexual assault issues on campus? What would you do to reduce rape, assault, and harassment on campus?


  1. What would you do to make Dal and the DSU safer for trans students? How would you make Dal and the DSU a trans-inclusive space?


  1. Please define what feminism means to you and how you position yourself in relation to feminism?


  1. How will you ensure that people of all genders are represented in decision making processes at the DSU? What are your strategies for challenging rather than reproducing binary systems of gender?


  1. What other social justice issues have you been involved with? How does that work relate to issues of gender and sexuality?


  1. How have you supported gender justice issues on campus in the past?


  1. How would you support and work with levied societies on campus?

Please submit your responses to Thanks!

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