DSU Elections 2014 Candidate Survey

Every year The South House sends out a questionnaire to all candidates that asks them about issues related to the mission and mandate of the centre. Their answers are then published so that our members can read them and understand each candidate’s perspective on gender and social justice issues, as they relate to the South House. You can read this year’s candidate survey here.



Alexandra Killham
Grade: A+
Alex’s  answers convey a critical analysis of intersectional oppressions faced by students and her continued commitment to multiple anti-oppression organizations, offices, and initiatives demonstrates a clear dedication to this work. South House fully and enthusiastically endorses Alex Killham for the role of President and believe the Dalhousie Student Union would benefit greatly from her vision and expertise.
Read Alex’s answers here

Ramz Aziz
Grade: B
Ramz has come a long way in his critical thoughts on sexism, rape culture, and other forms of oppression. While he has not had a presence at South House in the past year, he has stated that he hopes to work on challenging institutionalized sexism and transphobia, and we hope to see that happen, regardless of his election to the role of President or not.
Read Ramz’s answers here

Vice President Internal


Ian Heystee
Grade: C
While we could tell that Ian is thinking critically about issues of sexism and transphobia, we would have liked to see him address his privilege and consider his role in the struggle to end transphobia at Dalhousie and within the DSU. We welcome him to stop by the South House for a chat about what we do and how he might get involved!
Read Ian’s answers here

Jennifer Nowoselski
Grade: A+
Jennifer has demonstrated the importance of moving beyond identifying with feminist and/or anti-oppression ethics into actually acting on them. She understands that social justice work requires internal reflection as much as external organizing, and fully acknowledges her privilege as a white cisgender person working within a hierarchical institution. South House also appreciates her continued involvement in our events and campaigns. South House fully endorses Jennifer Nowoselski for VP Internal.
Read Jennifer’s answers here

Jessica Dempsey
Grade: A
Jessica shows a good understanding of issues surrounding rape culture and sexual assault at Dalhousie. Throughout the past year, Jessica has worked to raise awareness of transphobia on campus and to make the university a safer space for trans* folks. South House appreciates her continued involvement and support of the Centre.
Read Jessica’s answers here


VP Academic and External


Jacqueline Joan Skiptunis

Vice President Student Life


Danny Shanahan
Grade: C
While we appreciate that Danny mentions the importance of safer spaces on campus, we would have liked to see him list the South House or Dal Out, or the office of Equity and Accessibility as important examples of necessary spaces. We would have liked to see more of him at our events this past year.
Read Danny’s answers here.

Didier Okende



Aaron Beale
Grade: A
Aaron is a strong candidate with a deep analysis of what it means to do ally work. Throughout the years Aaron has supported the South House in numerous ways by prioritizing our feedback on social justice issues at Dalhousie and within the DSU, promoting and attending our events, supporting our campaigns, and providing feedback at our Community Consultations. We fully endorse Aaron Beale for Senate due to his commitment to anti-oppressive feminist projects, both on a systemic and individual level.
Read Aaron’s answers here. 

Ali Callandine

Ali wasn’t able to get her answers to the South House in time for marking, and therefore we cannot grade them. However, in the interest of informing our membership about the elections and opening discussion, we have published her answers here.

Dylan Letendre

Board of Governors


Rebecca Haworth

Grade: B+
Rebecca mentions the importance of gender neutral/safe spaces, trans-inclusive policies, and the importance of mental health resources. We hope to see more of her in the future!
Read Rebecca’s Answers here.

Taylor Quinn
Grade: A-
Taylor made some relevant points about the need for a Security Services that understands rape culture and does not perpetuate, either by lack of education, by sheer unexamined privilege, or by position of power. South House fully agrees that Dalhousie also needs to get serious of combatting the lack of gender diversity and representation at all levels. South House endorses Taylor Quinn for BOG.
Read Taylor’s Answers here. 



The Equity and Accessibility Office

The Equity and Accessibility office has been open for less than a year and already has already delivered some of the most effective campaigns addressing institutionalized oppressions that Dalhousie and the Dalhousie Student Union has ever seen. This office was created to work with students and other societies to make Dalhousie a more equitable place while we study and work, and they are doing just that. South House fully endorses their levy question and encourages students to do the same.


CKDU is an amazing resource for Dalhousie University. We have been lucky enough to partner and support one another on a number of initiatives such as the Help for the Holidays gift drive that raised money and gifts for Stepping Stone and the Homelessness Marathon that raises awareness of issues of poverty and homelessness in Halifax. We believe strongly in the power of community radio and media. CKDU continuously works to support anti-oppressive and feminist work, and we fully endorse their levy question.

Dalhousie Bike Centre

While the South House has not previously worked with the Dalhousie Bike Centre, we were happy to see that they are beginning to think critically about the ways in which they can break down barriers for women and trans* folks to participate in their work. We believe that providing free services to students is very important, as is raising awareness of all the benefits of biking! We sincerely hope that their desire to work with the South House continues throughout the year, because we would love to be involved and to collaborate. We endorse the Dalhousie Bike Centre’s levy question.
See the Dalhouse Bike Centre’s answers.


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