Volunteer Committees

The South House’s committees are volunteer groups who help shape, organize and run various initiatives at the Centre. Committees are are integral components of our organizational structure. The time and energy of the folks who sit on committees helps the centre to accomplish it’s goals and make our community safer, more vibrant and life-sustaining.

Advocacy for Women + LGBTQ people in Student Politics

This committee seeks to organize and combat the systemic sexism, racism, homphobia and transphobia that are barriers to women and LGBTQ people becoming involved with student politics.

Parent Support Collective

This committee works to provide support to student parents and their children by running events, maintaining a list of volunteer babysitters and advocating for improved services at the university level.

Resource Committee

This committee maintains the centres resources (such as the library, kitchen and garden). They ensure that the kitchen cupboard are stocked, that the library is kept tidy and new books are being bought, and that workshops are being put on in the space.

Radio Committee

The radio committee will work to bring the South House to the airwaves. Members will work collectively to develop a weekly radio show that discusses feminism, LGBTQ issues, activism, and super rad music.

Conference Planning 

This year, the South House is taking on a national conference. This committee will help with the logistical aspects of this plan.

Safe Streets 

This committee will work with the coordinators to create a series of events that seek to organize and agitate against rape and assault. 


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