The South House has a library of over 600 books, journals, and videos and DVDs on topics ranging from feminist philosophy to women’s history, health, spirituality, sexuality, gender, racism, and theories of oppression. We have materials for both personal reading and research. These materials may be borrowed from our library for up to two weeks.

The South House Library is open to all community members. Like the rest of our services, the library is gender inclusive.

The Bad Bad Book Club

Organized like a traditional book club, The Bad Bad Book Club meets on a monthly basis to chat about erotica. We were founded based on a desire to raise awareness of healthy, sex positive porn available to Haligonians. We recognize that mainstream porn is often problematic, but that doesn’t mean that all porn is bad! While it may be harder to find, lots of porn embraces bodies of all types and sizes, promotes sex as pleasure, encourages safer sex, talks about consent and shows off all the fun awkwardness that is part and parcel of so many sexual encounters.

We believe that by talking openly about porn we can help people get turned on, get off, and learn more about healthy sexual experiences of all kinds. ” The mandate of the Bad Bad Book Club is to get people talking in an informal setting and to provide them with the materials they need to participate. We promote depictions of diverse bodies, sexualities, sexes and genders and ways of experiencing pleasure in pornography and erotica and place out focus on body and sex positive literature.

The Bad Bad Book Club has received funding from both The South House and NSPIRG to build our porn library. In 2013 we added LGBTQ erotica, feminist porn, and porn theory.


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