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The South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre, formerly the Dalhousie Women’s Centre, was founded in recognition of women’s common and diverse needs. South House recognizes that you cannot work for a society free of sexism and patriarchy without also working for a society free of all forms of oppression. Therefore, the South House supports women and all people dealing with oppression on the basis of sexuality and gender.

The South House believes in working together for the creation of a society that is vibrant, life-sustaining, and safe for people of all genders.

The South House is a student-funded, volunteer-driven resource centre that seeks to address and advocate for anti-oppression issues within a feminist framework. The South House consciously recognizes that struggles against all forms of oppression are feminist issues. We are first and foremost a resource centre which provides resources and support for students, faculty, staff, and community members on such issues.

South House aims to provide resources and referrals to the University and broader Halifax community, as well as a safe space for people to organize. It also offers free meeting space to anti- oppression groups at the discretion of the Board. We also offer a wide range of workshops and educational programs, available upon request.

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